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Below is a list of some of the legal services that we offer.

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Guardianships & Conservatorships

When family members become incapable of caring for themselves loved ones have the legal recourse of requesting a guardianship. Guardianships allow parents to administer the affairs of teens struggling with substance abuse, children to care for elderly parents, and spouses to manage affairs for partners injured in accidents. We have over 30 years experience guiding family members through the sometimes complicated process of obtaining guardianships.


Probate of disputed estates can be a tricky and expensive ordeal. We have helped hundreds of clients successfully navigate this potentially troublesome legal maze and come through on the other side with settlements agreeable to all sides.

real property

We can assist you with sales, purchases, exchanges, easements, boundary disputes, and quieting of title.


Leave a legacy that protects and provides for the needs of your loved ones. We can help you discover how we can help you create a will that will save family members unnecessary hassle and frustrations while leaving you with the peace of mind that can only be provided by a will drafted with the help of your attorney.

business entities

With self-employment taxes costing the average citizen an extra 15% in taxes each year, corporations have become an economical and sensible way to reduce your liability while providing significant tax savings. Setting up your own corporation or limited liability company is easy and inexpensive. We have helped over 300 business owners discover the benefits of a business entity.


Whether it's leases, options to purchase, or unlawful detainer actions, we have helped numerous property owners and tenants settle disputes in a mutually-agreeable manner. We can guide you through whatever issues you are facing.


Financial security is the result of careful planning. One way to protect valuable assets is to provide a means for administering them. We can explain how a trust can provide a legally sound way of providing for the financial future of you and those you love.


Considering adopting domestically or internationally? We can help the process go as smoothly and easily as possible. We have helped couples adopt children from across the country and around the world. We would be glad to help you bring your family together.

Planning and zoning

We have provided representation before planning commissions, city councils and county commissions for numerous clients working on various commercial and residential projects. Whatever your situation, we can provide information on our planning and zoning services.